Engine 135

1982 American LaFrance Century Open Cab

(This unit is the last open cab truck ever built by American LaFrance!!!)

2000 GPM Pump, 750 Gallon Tank

Partial list of equipment:  800 ft. 5" supply line, UHF radios, 7 preconnects, smoke ejector, chainsaw, 40 gallons AFFF, portable deluge gun, 2 water cans, dry chemical extinguisher, CO2 extinguisher, 4KW generator, 2-500 watt quartz lamps, assorted hand tools, hand lights, 4 InterSpiro SCBAs, spare air bottles, 35 foot extension ladder, 12 foot roof ladder, attic ladder

Tele-Squirt 135

1991 KME/Simon Duplex with 55' Firestix

1500 GPM pump, 500 Gallon tank

1000 GPM master stream at the tip

6 man cab with AC

Detroit Diesel Turbo Diesel

Allison Automatic

3 preconnects

Partial list of equipment carried onboard: 

  • 5" supply line
  • 3" supply line
  • Portable master stream
  • Numerous handtools
  • Extinguishers
  • CO meter
  • 4 gas confined space monitoring kit
  • Stokes basket
  • Air tool
  • Portable lights
  • 4 InterSpiro SCBAs
  • MSA model 5200 "Evolution" Thermal Imaging Cameras with telemetry transmitters.
  • UHF radios

Rescue 135

2003 KME Excel Rescue/Pumper
1250 GPM Pump, 750 gallon water tank
DOH certified at 'Operations' level for rescue

Partial List of Equipment Carried Onboard: Motorola UHF Radio, Motorola low band radio, 1200 ft. 5" supply line, 700 ft. 3" supply line, humat valve, 2 preconnected 200 ft. 1 3/4" crosslays, 1 preconnected 200' 2 1/2" crosslay, 5 InterSpiro Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, prepiped 1000 GPM deluge gun with stacked tips, 28 ft. extension ladder, 14 ft. roof ladder, 10 ft. attic ladder, little giant ladder, pickhead and flathead axes, pickets, farm jacks, 5 hand lights, 2 indian packs, 8000 pound winch, 10kw hydraulic generator, 2 truck mounted 500 watt quartz lamps, Holmatro Rescue System: spreaders/O-cutters/30" ram/60" ram, combi-tool, 10-ton and 4-ton porta-powers, 54 ton airbag set, Junkyard dogs shoring kit, 2 come-a-longs, several bumper and bottle jacks, assorted hand tools, rope rescue & repelling gear, air chisel, reciprocating saw, 3 chainsaws, hot stick, stokes basket, Reeves stretcher, SKED system, salvage tarps, assorted cribbing, step chocks, shovels, brooms, Ansul dry chemical extinguisher, CO2 extinguisher, water cans, blankets, traffic cones, oil absorbent, absorbent socks & pads, MSA Solaris 4 gas meter, BLS house bag, AED, O2 kit, 5 PFD's, high rise kit, level B haz-mat kit, MSA Evolution TIC with transmitter kit, RIT equipped.



Squad 135-1

2008 Dodge 4500 quad cab

Reading utility box

Partial list of equipment carried on board: 4 InterSpiro S5 SCBA, flat and pick head axes, halligan bars, sledge hammers, mechanics tool kit, utility rope and webbing, shovels, brooms, trash pump, 2 Hand lights, BLS house bag, AED, long board with CID, stokes basket, 2 water cans, CO2 extinguisher, dry chemical extinguisher, 4 Personal Flotation Devices, UHF mobile and portable radios, VHF low band mobile radio, 10 channel scanner.