Kitchen Fire Safety


General Safety

  • Stick Around!  Never leave cooking food unattended.
  • Dress Right!  No loose clothing.  Roll up your sleeves.
  • No children or pets!  Declare a three foot (one meter) "safe zone" around your stove.
  • Turn pot handles in!  Avoid bumping a pot and spilling hot food.
  • Be alert!  Don't cook if you're sleepy, you've been drinking alcohol, or you're taking medication that makes you drowsy.
  • Clear the clutter!  Keep pot holders, food packaging, dish towels, and other combustibles off your stove top.
  • Keep it clean!  Wipe up spills and clean your oven- built-up grease can catch on fire.
  • Clear your work area!  Keep curtains and anything that burns at least three feet (one meter) from your stove.
  • Prevent burns!  Open microwaved food slowly and allow it to cool before eating it.  Never use a wet oven mitt or pot holder- the combination of moisture and heat can produce steam.

Electrical Safety

  • Use only one heat-producing appliance on the same circuit at a time.
  • Have ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) installed in all kitchen counter outlets.
  • Replace cracked or frayed appliance cords.
  • If an appliance feels too hot or smells funny, unplug it immediately and have it serviced or replaced.

Emergency Measures

  • If a pan of food catches on fire, don't use a fire extinguisher.  Smother the flames by sliding a lid over the pan.  Turn off the burner.  Prevent flare-ups by holding the lid firmly in place until the pan has cooled.
  • If the oven catches on fire, close the oven door and turn off the heat.
  • In case of a fire in the microwave, keep the door closed and unplug the microwave.  Have the oven serviced before you use it again.
  • In the event of any kind of fire in your kitchen, call the fire department so we can come and make sure the fire is actually extinguished!  Even though the fire appears to be out, it may be smoldering and flare up later.

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