Linway Nursery School


October 4, 2000: UVFR visits the Linway Nursery School 3-year-old class at Linway United Presbyterian Church for Fire Prevention Week.

Firefighter-Paramedic Paul Marcoz Jr. being closely examined.

EMS Chief Paul Marcoz Sr. taking a volunteer's blood pressure.

Lieutenant Shane Spielvogle demonstrates the pulse oximeter.

Paul and his crew looking like they're going to cut down some trees.




Deputy Chief Brian Bernhardy, with some assistance, demonstrates the technique of masking up.




October 5, 2000: For Fire Prevention Week, the Linway Nursery School 4-year-old class visits UVFR at the East McKeesport Station.

Look ! A real live firefighter!

Firefighter-EMT Mark Frederick shows Engine 135 to the class.

Paramedic Diane McNeill shows everyone how to take a blood pressure.

Mark poses with the class.




Firefighter-EMT Mark Frederick, Paul, and a group of future firefighters.





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