1. Numbers can save lives. The 911 system has dramatically improved the effectiveness of emergency response systems. However, calling 911 is only the first step. Once the call is dispatched to emergency responders, they must find the location of the emergency. Many delays occur because emergency personnel cannot locate the proper address.


2. Proper house numbering is important to all emergency personnel- police, fire, and EMS.  It can even affect utility employees who might need to locate your house in an emergency situation.  Please follow these guidelines for proper house numbering:



  • Post three-inch reflective numbers that are visible from both directions of approach. If the numbers are not reflective, they should be a color contrasting their background.
  • Numbers posted on a house should be easily seen from the street. When positioning numbers, keep in mind that they may need to be seen in weather conditions ranging from heavy snow or rain to fog at night.
  • Residents with "P.O Box" numbers also have an official street address and should post it.

4. Saving a few minutes of emergency response time by properly posting your house number is a worthwhile expense.  It may mean the difference between life and death!!!


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