This section is designed to give some behind the scenes look at United VFR's training sessions.

Recently UVFR members drilled removing an injured victim from an elevated position using the SKED, rope system and an extension ladder.



On Tuesday, March 6th, UVFR members participated in a search and rescue drill at station 287. The drill used a fog machine to simulate smoke conditions.

On Tuesday February 27th, UVFR members participated in weekly training. The focus of this training was knowing when and how to transmit a 'mayday' call should a member come into trouble. The setup for this training was that all members wore SCBA with wax paper in the face piece for zero visibility while searching a large room. Once in the room, they were met with various obstacles (trapped in closets, snared by their SCBA, or simulated collapse), and had to call a mayday. Upon the may day call, another team of two members, also wearing wax paper in their face pieces, made entry to find and recover the lost member. Enjoy the pictures.




On April 1st, 2006 members from United Fire/Rescue took part in the first practical for Basic Rescue Practices. Here are some pics from the training.

On March 21, 2006 members from United Fire/Rescue braved the cold weather and participated in a 3 hour in-house vehicle rescue training session at station 135. Members practiced stablization of the vehicle using several varying techniques, vehicle size-up, removal of a victim who was trapped underneath a vehicle, removal of injured victims from inside of the vehicle, as well as the removal of doors, windows, panels, steering wheel, and gear shift. Members also practiced crew responsbilities and duties. Here are some pictures of the event.....



Pictures from SCBA training at Station 135 on 01/17/2006